Michigan Beer Guide knows a good thing when they see it!

The Michigan Beer Guide has a lot of great information for everyone that loves Michigan craft beer and has been a wonderful resource over the years for all things craft beer and homebrewing so we were very excited to see that both the Michigan Beer Cup and Michigan Homebrew Festival were included in the current Sept./Oct. issue. The article by Don Mikolaizik with an intro by Rex Halfpenny really speaks to the spirit and culture of the Michigan homebrew community and the clubs that have participated in both MBC and MHF over the last 10 years.

What we have with MHF and MBC is truly unique and really has not been replicated anywhere else in the country. In fact we’ve had people from other states inquire of how we are able to organize and hold such an incredible event such as MHF and it’s not an easy answer because it all goes back the unique community of homebrewers and hombrew clubs we have here in our state and the enthusiasm to participate and celebrate the brewing hobby that we all truly love. Please visit the Michigan Beer Guide website and read the article and let us know what you think. ~Cheers & happy brewing.