Gang Beer Challenge 2019 – Are You Prepared?

Over the last two years clubs have been challenged to create and brew a beer that adheres to certain guidelines usually with a unique ingredient and this year is no exception. In fact this year’s competition takes it to another level with choices not only of unique ingredients but also unique or unusual brewing styles or method including Chicha, a saliva mash. Below are the details of the challenge.

Last year 18 clubs participated in the Gang Beer Challenge and Livingston Social Brew Crew emerged with the most votes and took home the coveted trophy. In 2017 Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club took home the honors and trophy.

This year’s club is being sponsored and run by Livingston Social Brew Crew. Judging will take place Friday and Saturday during MHF with the winning club being announced on Saturday evening. Details and times will be announces at MHF.

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