What to eat at MHF

As many of you know as members of MHF we tend to have some amazing food each and every year. Between the Beer Pairing Dinner, Feast of Friday and of course the amazing breakfast that practically everyone participates in we always strive to have good food to go along with all the great beer samples from all the individual clubs.

This year is no exception and we’re happy to announce that Squeals on Wheels food truck based in Oxford, MI will be on hand to help fill any lunch and dinner meal needs you might have beyond all the scheduled meals planned and will be a great addition to 2018 MHF.

From Squeals on Wheels:

“Everything in Texas is bigger. Although most people know this, our family truly lives with this as our motto. We have bigger tastes, larger ambitions, and greater hospitality. We are thrilled to be a Texas family that has relocated for the past decade to Michigan to share our love of good food and good company. Mary Jo’s Catering, Squeals on Wheels Food Truck and Concho Pearl BBQ & Drafthouse are all part of our family. We hope y’all come join us!

Please make sure to check out their Facebook page and see what they have on the menu.

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