MHF 2018 Gang Beer Challenge

The 2018 GANG BEER CHALLENGE will be sponsored by the SNOBS. The requirements remain largely unchanged from last year, with the notable exception that the abv% has been increased to 8%.

Here are the requirements.

  • Brew any style.
  • Use any yeast.
  • Must be brewed with a minimum of three club members.
  • Must include at least one item from each of the three additions groups.
  • Must have a finished ABV of 8% or higher.

Additions groups:

  • Group 1. Bark or Root e.g., Ginger, Sassafras, Cinnamon, etc…
  • Group 2. Fruit or Flower e.g., Cherries, Orange Zest, Hibiscus, etc…
  • Group 3. Spice or Leaf e.g., Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg, Tea Leaves, etc…

Judging will take place during the 2018 MHF by two judges from each participating club. The coveted MHF GBC Trophy will be presented to the winning club during the awards ceremony on Saturday.

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